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B Collections was created by fashion designer Barbara Maselli as a place to share her love for fashion, design, quality and travel. Barbara has over 20 years experience in luxury fashion, with a background in product merchandising. After having children, Barbara went on to develop her own brand inspired by her love of being a mother, Martina London.
Barbara was motivated to start the B Collections concept store as a platform to champion those emerging designers, independent fashion and cult labels with a focus on craftsmanship and a story to tell. At B Collect we aim to change the status and landscape of the fashion industry by providing brands with a space in the fashionable areas of London that are normally out of reach. We want to bring their creativity to market, and give these brands the exposure they deserve by providing them a unique retail space to showcase their designs directly to you.
The B Collections shop also serves as an interactive shared workspace, in which designers and customers can engage and exchange ideas. B Collect is not just a place to buy and sell, but a space to learn and create, encouraging group collaboration. Ever-changing and evolving with new brands joining every week, there is always something different to discover and be inspired by.
Our Notting Hill branch is housed in a Gothic style church built in 1853 and filled with the most unexpected finds from around the world. We are an eclectic lifestyle edit of womenswear and accessories brands, the ultimate walk-in closet filled with the most unique finds from all over the world.